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About Pcysys:

We believe that Penetration Testing (PT), as it stands today, is obsolete. Software and algorithms can do a better job at penetration testing and helping businesses continually assess and improve the cyber risks using their threat-oriented approach.

Pcysys (an acronym for “Proactive Cyber Systems”) was founded by Arik Liberzon who understood that corporates do not have an effective means of knowing the true cyber risk that they carry, and have no way of understanding which vulnerabilities have the highest

negative business impact potential. Arik modeled his mastership of ethical hacking techniques into software and together with the serial IT entrepreneur, Arik Faingold, founded Pcysys. Soon thereafter, Mr. Liberzon was joined by a group of Israel’s elite cyber researchers and cyber warfare experts, who shared the passion of giving corporates the upper hand in their struggle to fence off cyber attacks. Our mission is to develop an automated cyber risk validation platform that would enable corporates to defend against the best of the worst-intended hackers.

To read more, please visit: pcysys.com