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About MobilityGuard:

MobilityGuard AB is one of the market leaders in the field of Information and IT Security. We develop innovative technological security products for access management.

Our mission statement: “Through our partners, MobilityGuard AB provides the market with secure and cost-effective access through innovative and easy-to-use products and services”. Our employees have a long experience in this field, therefore we can offer you innovative products at the leading edge of technological development.

Customers and markets

Our headquarters is situated in Gothenburg, Sweden. We market and sell our products throughout Europe and Latin America through selected partners. MobilityGuard sales offices can be found in France, Italy, Germany, UK and Colombia.

MobilityGuard currently supplies more than one third of Sweden’s municipalities and is recognized for its broad and effective solutions for secure access, secure electronic services, intelligent central single sign-on and of course solutions for security federation.

We have built strategic alliances with technology leaders such as IST Education, ATEA and CGI.

MobilityGuard AB is a Swedish registered company that has achieved and maintained the highest credit rating. We will show you the way to the future – Today!

For more information, visit MobilityGuard.com