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Jazz Networks

Jazz Networks:

Jazz Networks is a cybersecurity company that protects organizations from data loss by simplifying the complexities of unpredictable human behavior. Using a practical approach, organizations gain clear visibility into all actions made by employees and servers. We combine machine learning with human interactions, so security professionals get real-time, actionable data and can focus on high-impact events. Founded in 2016 to solve the emerging security threats, today Jazz Networks has more than 80 employees with offices in Oslo, London and New York.

Jazz Networks is redefining data protection:
• Understand data movement. Provide a practical picture of an organization and protect data by blending user behavior context with data movement visibility.
• Navigate through the organization. Search through millions of data records to find the needle in the haystack in seconds.
• Protect the remote workforce. Eliminate blind spots when an employee goes offline or uses a non-corporate connection.
• Understand users’ behavior. Context-rich data enables faster understanding of users’ intentions and prevent privilege abuse.
• Be compliant to industry and government regulation and legislation. Gather all the details of a breach within the deadlines from GDPR, SEC, HIPAA, and other regulatory compliance.
• Educate the workforce. Get employees at all levels more security conscious with active education.

For more information, visit JazzNetworks.net