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About Garrison:
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Malware and data loss: the web can be a dangerous place. You could just block access to everything except the trusted cloud services that the business relies on – great for security, but terrible for users. Ultra-secure browsing solves the problem. Security and enablement in a single package.

Silicon Assured Video Isolation (Garrison SAVI®) is a Secure Remote Browsing technology that means risky web content is never processed on the user’s endpoint device. Designed with the user at its heart, patented Garrison SAVI® technology provides hardware-enforced secure remote browsing for enterprise customers. The Garrison SAVI® Isolation Appliance lives in the cloud or the data centre, doing dangerous web browsing for you. Garrison’s unique approach ensures a great user experience is maintained even when deployed across the largest of enterprises, whilst delivering unparalleled security. Click on every link, browse the web with confidence.

Garrison Ultra-Secure Browsing (PDF)

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