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Yuri Kargapolov

Yuri Kargapolov
  • Chair of the ISOC IoT Special Interest Group at ITU 

Yuri Kargapolov, Chair of the ISOC IoT Special Interest Group at ITU 

Yuri is a developer of the systems on administration and identity management such as ccTLD/gTLD Registry, MNP/LNP, IMEI etc. based on DNS, including ENUM, technologies. He created ISPs, has built and launched more than 25 technical platforms in different cities of Ukraine to provide broadband wired and wireless access. Yuri Kargapolov took an active part in preparing documents during application and delegation processes both .УКР IDN ccTLD and .0.8.3.e164.arpa ENUM domain. During the period (2009-2013) of preparation for delegation and launch .УКР IDN ccTLD he held the position of Chair of Technical Group of UANIC. His professional interest concern to convergence, Internet Governance and application of the newest DNS-technologies. He proposed an upgrade of the model for ubiquitous sensor networks applications and services (regarding to context of the Recommendation Y.2026); developer of systems based on ENUM technologies for IdM’s class systems and IoT.
He held executive positions in the National Regulatory Authority and the State Communications Administration, took part in up-grade of the national version of SS7 for PSTN/PLMN and numbering plan for EURO 2012 run-up, implementation of new services and nomadic numbers, the launch of convergence processes etc.
He graduated from the Odessa Polytechnic Institute, Radio-engineering faculty, in 1980 received diploma Dipl. Eng. Radio Designer and Technologist. In the sphere of professional interests and activities in different years included programming, system programming, system methodology, and architecture of networks.

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