Olesya Danylchenko

Olesya Danylchenko
  • Head of Payment Instruments Security Forum

Olesya Danylchenko, Head of Payment Instruments Security Forum – Ukrainian Interbank Payment Systems Member Association “EMA”

Olesya Danylchenko has 19 years of experience as a manager in payment cards and ATMs risk management, security and fraud prevention with 9 years concentration in antifraud PPP in Ukraine, EU and CIS countries.

In 2000, she started a professional career as a risk manager in Interbank Processing Centre of National Bank of Ukraine after graduating from the Cybernetics Department of Kiev State University.

Since 2001 till 2010 worked for Security Department of JSCB “Ukrsotsbank” (a member of Unicredit Group), developing and implementing security rules, policies and procedures for bank’s in-house processing, payment cards, ATMs and key management. In 2007, she obtained an MBA with a focus on Strategic Management.

Since 2010 Olesya Danylchenko works for the Ukrainian Interbank Payments Systems Association “EMA” as a Head of ​Payments and Credits Security Forum. She represents Ukraine as a National Member of the European Association for Secure Transaction (since 2011) and is a member of the Advisory Group on Financial Services of EC3 Europol (since 2016).

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