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Marco Hogewoning

Marco Hogewoning
  • External Relations Officer - Technical Advisor at  RIPE NCC

Marco Hogewoning, External Relations Officer – Technical Advisor at  RIPE NCC 

Marco Hogewoning (1978) has over two decades of experience in designing and operating Internet infrastructure. Working for some leading Internet Service Providers in the Netherlands he was amongst the first to embrace IPv6 as a marketable solution. Working for the RIPE NCC since 2011, he is part of the External Relations team with a focus on building bridges between technical and policy topics, actively participating in ITU, IETF and a number of other venues where these worlds meet each other. Marco has been involved with the RIPE community since the beginning of this millennium and served as co-chair of the IPv6 working group from 2009 to 2014. More recently he was involved in establishing the RIPE IoT working group, which provides a spot for the community to discuss their concerns with IoT, which are often rooted in security.



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