Kim Strandberg

Kim Strandberg
  • 1st Analysis Engineer, Volvo cars

Kim Strandberg, 1st Analysis Engineer, Volvo cars
Kim Strandberg works as an analysis engineer within the field of vehicle security at Volvo Cars, where he mainly analyze and develop security related test methods. He has been working as a self-employed computer engineer consultant for over 10 years. At 2013 he decided to specialize in computer systems and networks security through master thesis studies at Chalmers University Of Technology. In the last part of this studies he looked into the field of vehicle security through a master thesis project and found that there was a need for a methodology which considers security analysis for the whole range from the start of the vehicle development to aftermarket release. He proposed a method named PPDM, Predict-Prevent-Detect-Method. This thesis was later rewarded the ISACA Prize 2016 within the field of IT security.

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