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Bert Heitink

Bert Heitink
  • CISSP - CISM at Alert Team

Bert Heitink, CISSP – CISM at Alert Team

Started in IT security in 1997 with VPN’s and Firewall for business and first Internet adopters after being IT manager for several years. Co-Founder of Sincerus in 2004 an IT security company.

Specialized in Ethical Hacking and Security Operations Center in Zwolle (NL). Works international for Banks, Insurance companies, but also for Military specialized organization in setting up SOC’s. Started in 2014 CyberMonitor in Enschede (NL) a local SOC – MSSP to provider smaller companies with security protection. Sold shares in 2015 to become an independent professional again.
Is a Guest teacher and keynote speaker for Conferences. Co-Author of the Factsheet Security Operation Center for the (Dutch) National Cyber Security Center.

Currently focused on Machine Learning and managing the threats from Scada/OT networking

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