Frequently Asked Questions: Partners



How do I get my badge?

You will be sent an E-Ticket to the email address that you used when you registered around 1 week before the event (or later if you registered later). This E-Ticket contains your badge. Please print this ticket and bring to the registration. 


Can I change the details on my badge? 

The details you entered when registered have been used to create your badge. If you need to change these, please email: 


How do I access the event app?

All participants will have received an invitation from with a link to join the community app, where you can create your personal agenda, browse other participants, book meetings and send messages. To download the app, search for ‘Copperberg’ in the app store.


How do I book meetings? 

Within the event app, find and click on the attendee you want to book a meeting with, then on ‘schedule a meeting’. You can select a time that suit you and remember to add a clear purpose of the meeting in your message. Please note that you can only book meetings if this has been included in your partnership agreement. 


When do we set up? 

Strictly 16:00 to 18:00 on Monday 6 November – NO  EXCEPTIONS.


Please see how to get to the venue below. All furnitures ordered will be waiting for you at your exhibition. No onsite orders are possible. If you have sent items to Stockholmsmässan they will be waiting for you at your exhibition.

For any further questions, contact the Event Manager: Malcolm Larri on +46(0)760 -192-610 





When does the event take place?

Nordic IT Security 2017 takes place the 7th of November and opens for partners at 08:00


How do I get to the event?

Nordic IT Security 2017 takes place at Stockholmsmässan (address: Stockholmsmässan Mässvägen 1, 125 80 Älvsjö). The easiest way to get to the venue is to take the commuter train (pendeltåg) to Älvsjö. After the barriers, take a left and follow the signs to Stockholmsmässan. The venue is right next to the train station. For more information about the venue and other transport instructions, visit 


Can I leave the event and come back? 

Yes! If you need to leave briefly for a meeting or other appointment, you can come back to the event provided you have kept your badge. 


How do I scan contacts at the event (collect leads)?

Within the event app (see instructions on how to access this above), on the main interface, there’s a button called ‘Capture leads’ (see screenshot below). Use this to capture the details via the badge QR code. To retrieve the contacts, click on ‘view current leads’ in the same interface. 



Can we download the collected leads?

Yes, you can do this by going into your company profile on the computer interface of the community and follow the screenshots below: 






Will there be food and beverage available at the event?

There will be a café inside the event premises where food and beverage can be purchased. 


Is there a networking reception? 

Yes, the bar opens at 16.00 until around 19.00. You’re welcome to stay and network in a relaxed atmosphere.


When do we pack up? 

From 19:00 approx (earlier by arrangement only).


How do we return goods? 

Leave your boxes at your exhibition with clearly marked return address and shipping labels and they will be picked up – please arrange next day pick-up from Stockholmsmässan.  

For any further questions, contact the Event Manager: Malcolm Larri on +46(0)760 -192-610