Unhacking hybrid threat to national security and privacy




“Governments and companies have a responsibility to respect human rights, which means to act with due diligence to avoid infringing on the rights of Others.”
-UN Global Compact on Corporate Responsibility and Human Rights Report.-

Hybrid threats can range from cyberattacks on critical information systems, through the disruption of critical services such as energy supplies or financial services, to the undermining of public trust in government institutions or the deepening of social divisions.
-UN Global Compact on Corporate Responsibility and Human Rights Report.-



Over the past 11 years, Nordic IT Security has become the most recognized and influential cyber security business forum in Scandinavia. Seasoned industry experts and cutting edge technology providers get together to discuss cybersecurity in order to secure our privacy, transparency and democracy. What once started as a local conference in Stockholm, throughout the years has grown to become the leading cybersecurity summit that brings together the converging worlds of IT, Cyber and Information Security.


2019 Main Focus Areas:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Protection and GDPR
  • Identity and access Management
  • Network Security (IoT Encryption, DNS over HTTPS (DoH), (BGPsec)
  • Mobile and Cloud Protection
  • Hacking Democracy by Hacking Minds: Elections and fake news


With over 60 Nordic and international speakers on 5 stages, 9 agenda streams with recent case studies and 5 C-Level industry panel discussions, 12th NITS edition, offers plenty of learning and networking activities. Nordic IT Security Forum is the place to be for all professionals and organisations from both public and private sector who are looking to educate themselves, benchmark with their peers and to find solutions in order to keep their businesses secure from those who want to do harm, through the digital world. Together with 60+ partners who are the most innovative technology providers, we discuss the main challenges and strategies of what to do with cybercrime and how to avoid or minimize detriment.


Look forward to meeting you in Stockholm!