“Companies have a responsibility to respect human rights, which

means to act with due diligence to avoid infringing on the rights of



The unstoppable digitization of nearly all facets of society and the inherent transborder nature of the internet raise a host of difficult problems when public and private information online is subject to manipulation, hacking, and theft.

In 2017, the number of attacks have reached an outstanding number and it is only becoming worse, year by year. Organizations have taken many actions to increase resilience and enhance its cybersecurity preparedness yet countries like Ukraine, Russia, UK and US, companies like Netflix, UBER, Amazon, Equifax, even CIA had a bad year of Cyber Security. The list of names is almost endless of data breach, ransomware and cyber attacks.

All organizations, governmental or not, have our societies´ data. Sometimes very personal and by being attacked by hackers our privacy, transparency and democracy is at risk.

The 11th Nordic IT Security
addresses cybersecurity as it relates to three topics: democracy, human rights, and internet governance.

In all three areas, governments and the private sector are seriously fighting to keep up with both positive and negative sides of the rapid growth of digital technology.

In light of current and future threats to democracy and human rights posed by irresponsible and disruptive uses of digital communications, the time for our governments to act for a better, safe and more structured cybersecurity is
NOW by addressing and solve these struggles together with media, civil society and tech companies.

Our leaders has to urgently lead the way towards implementing best practices of defending human rights online, and protecting internet governance against the modern threats.

Nordic IT Security
is the most technical and relevant information security event in the Nordics.

It is an event built on 11 years of experience– what once started as a local conference in

Stockholm, to a dynamic summit and exhibition bringing together the converging worlds of IT, Cyber and Information security and this year we do so again on the 15th, November.


Over the course of one day, you will get the chance to listen to leading Keynote Speakers, C-Level Panels, recent case studies, take a walk into the techXperience village, attend workshops, take a seat, put on a VR headset and watch a 10-min Cyber documentary, network at the Expo area or be inspired by the hottest upcoming IT startups in Scandinavia.

I look forward to meeting you in Stockholm,



Erika Szentmartoni

Content Director