The entire world is now connected and communicating at light speed. Companies collectively spend nearly 80 trillion dollars to ensure the constant availability of communications. In order for an enterprise to thrive, you must have uninterrupted communication. So, like most of our devices and our connectivity, ‘There is No Off’ and that equates to efficiency. NETSCOUT’s mission is to enable its customers to be Guardians of the Connected World. By delivering constant and ubiquitous visibility in the connected world, NETSCOUT will be the world leader in service assurance.

We provide software solutions that support the service assurance, cyber security, business intelligence/big data and test and optimization areas of our customer’s business. NETSCOUT provides robust tools for the efficient and effective management of dynamic applications and service-delivery network environments. NETSCOUT’s proven application, network, and service intelligence offerings provide comprehensive insight into the dynamic and real-time nature of critical data, video and voice services running across modern technology infrastructures.

NETSCOUT’s highly sophisticated tools are deployed at thousands of the world’s largest enterprises, government agencies and service providers, in more than one million installations. NETSCOUT’s service assurance solutions help assure “always on” network, applications and service delivery is dependable and future proof for its marquis customers across the globe.

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