WHEN 07 November 2017
WHERE Stockholm, Sweden Stockholmsmässan

Define security

From the editor

Matt Kriteman Define security. For most of us here in Sweden, we feel safe. We trust the digital world. We trust our phones to wake us up on time, schedule our day, and keep our e-banking payment information safe as we use a variety of apps to not only pay for our transport to work, but also provide us with entertainment on the way there. In Stockholm, we are ‘plugged in’ during our commute-we listen to music, check e-mails, update social media, and pay our bills. Perhaps we even read the news updates: Europe Struggles to Cope with Migration Crisis, The New Workout You Need, Elevated Terrorist Threat in France, Swedish Troops Deployed to Gotland, and Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Hacked, Again. Chances are a select few of us take a few moments to swipe left (or right?) in search of our future partner. The miles of wires, cables, binary-code and the teams of programmers protecting our trains, rails, traffic lights, escalators from utter chaos is, in fact, the last thing on our minds. At work, we sign into our e-mails and begin banging away. If we have to update, we sigh in unison with our colleagues, ‘Oh come ON…’ Again, cyber security is not really on our minds-we are more concerned with the meeting we have in 10 minutes or tomorrow’s deadline than the risk to the office’s digital perimeter, and its vulnerable wealth of secrets. No, we are in fact more concerned with how to get back home, pick up kids, after-work networking, or booking our evening fitness plans online to sync with our fitbit. Or, we just go home and watch Netflix. Security is formally defined as the freedom of danger or the threat, thereof. But are we so sure we aren’t in danger? For many the answer is yes, we are happy and sure we are safe. But, we are wrong… very wrong. All over the world there are thousands of individuals and a handful of governments who know just how safe you feel, and also how naïve you are. The beginning of this year saw the largest increase in DDoS attacks. Sweden alone has suffered foreign cyber attacks to their infrastructure, financial trading networks, and every single major newspaper to name a few. The good news is the culture is changing. In fact, if you’ve read this far-you are on your way to understanding this threat and how to deal with it. This year, Nordic IT Security is teaming up with the Nordic’s largest Personal Security event- Skydd at Stockholmsässan to bring over 70 IT Security professionals together: Europe’s leading solution providers, legal experts, government officials, and IT Sec gurus. All have the same mission: to help us understand how safe (or not?) we are, and-what to do about it.

Matt Kriteman
Producer of Nordic IT Security 2016

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